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Dive into the compelling narrative of 'The Virginia Prisoner of Conscience,' where Askari Lumumba and Chango Olorum, members of the VAPOC movement, share their profound insights from within the confines of a Super Max prison. Unveiling the socio-political complexities of the American Afrikan experience, this book challenges preconceptions about crime and incarceration. Drawing on two decades of lived reality, Lumumba and Olorum offer a thought-provoking analysis of the Truth In Sentencing penology, providing readers with a fresh perspective on the intricate dynamics of prison life. A must-read for those seeking an alternative lens on the criminal justice system and the plight of American Afrikans.

The Virginia Prisoner of Conscience (VAPOC) sheds light on the untold stories of political prisoners within the Virginia prison system. Despite crimes not being politically driven, these inmates argue that their actions are deeply rooted in the historical systemic oppression faced by American Afrikans. VAPOC contends that societal conditions, such as economic disparities, limited education, and health inequalities, contribute to criminal activities as a means of survival under international colonization.

VAPOC Catechism: The Virginia Prisoner of Conscience

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